Monday, 30 July 2012

Obvious to you. Amazing to others (Derek Sivers) Everyone has something to share...


I love this message. Obvious to you. Amazing to others. 
(take a minute to view
 the messages in the vimeo below)

The people I value the most are those that display tolerance, patience and an ability to see the good in their world (no matter how tricky this may be at times).  Even though something maybe staring you in the face; they take the time to help you understand. To make things clearer. I hope I am that person to my students. I know that time constraints are my biggest barrier. I want to slow down learning so it is deeper, more valuable and relevant to my students.  This year I found myself hitting Term one with my feet running and not being able to catch up! I would love to reflect and converse more with others; yet feel I have not had as much of an opportunity to do this of late. Blogging is one I reflect and keep record of my thinking. Maybe, I need to blog more regularly using shorter posts.

My reflection today is this:  YOU have capacity. The sun is always shining. WE all can improve. We all have something to share. Something, that you may think is obvious, could be AMAZING to others.

So, what are you waiting for?


  1. I love this message also. Some of the most famous people in our world were all ordinary people with a different way of thinking. what they said inspired others to build on their thinking. Great video thanks for sharing.

    Simon Harper

  2. Pleasure Simon. A great message to remember. So glad you are sharing your awesomeness with everyone via your blog and presentations at #teachmeets.