Thursday, 6 June 2013

Belief presentation at #tmMQ From Prac to practitioner

Believe in daring. Have belief in discovery. DARE TO TRY!
Believe in the power of positivity.
Believe that if you want it strongly enough; you will find a way.

Believe in the WHY.  Why do I believe in this lesson? This learning outcome?  Why do I believe in education? Why are we learning this way? Why is that student looking lost? Believe in reaching out. Believe in asking "How can I help?"

Believe that if a lesson is not going to plan, you can stop and change tact. 
Believe in spicing up your lessons. 
Believe in THE DIFFERENT, the varied; the road less travelled.

Believe that telling is not teaching.
Believe that worksheets are not true learning.
Believe that people matter. #relationshipsmatter

Believe in the fact that if YOU get bored sitting in an hours LONG meeting just listening;  your students are equally as bored listening to 5-6 "meetings" back to back with no control- what is this a lesson in? 

Believe that you can make a change.
Believe that you can and will make a difference.

Believe in action.

Believe it is not your responsibility to listen to the staff room whingers and whiners.
Believe in looking up and beyond! 
Believe in the importance of discovery and curiosity.

Believe it is a gift; 
your privilege to help others.... and yourself!

Believe you must look after yourself before you look after others.

Believe in asking for help and not continuing to struggle.
Believe in experiencing some lows to appreciate the highs.

Know there will be beautiful moments of blissful joy, delight, pride as your students achieve.

Have belief that learning is fun! 
Believe in the adventure of learning.

Believe that you must never stop learning
Be the curious learner you want your students to be.

Teaching is just as important about WHO YOU ARE 
and what you believe, as it is about content.

Believe that....

Edited By Jack Byrnes Student Oakhill College 

Many thanks. @7mrsjames

This presentation is for #teachmeet Macquarie. To support our Pre service teachers and new graduate teachers, please add to the Padlet (Link here -> see Padlet below) or comment below.


  1. I am so pleased you put your preso up here too! Glad to have heard & to read it as well. Believe. Thanks J!

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