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1st post: How to take one step at a time...

8th August 2011

How to take one step at a time.
(towards 21st Century learning).

Let’s be honest.  I am a relative newbie to 21st century learning. Especially when you consider the likes of America’s  coolcatteacher and closer to home: Townesy77 and Bianca' s Blog.

Up until about 3 weeks ago, after a staff PD session on the Networked Social learner, I was using digital tools for mainly power point presentations, research, note taking and a handful of student videos for Drama and Religious Ed on imovie on my Mac. I also create and maintain a VIRTUAL CLASSROOM (scholaris). At home, I dabble in amateur photography and movie making, Facebook and surfing the net. 
I had tried Twitter a couple of years ago, but without realising I could utilize it for educational networking, the interest soon died off.  At the PD, Twitter, as a 21st century connection mode was explained.  Needless to say, I was right in and loving it! What a great way to source information! Twitter ‘s catch phrase is “Twitter is the best way to discover what’s new in your world.”..and I agree. Luckily for me, it coincided with an early birthday present – an iphone.  This enabled me to access the Net 24/7. Awesome! 

Now, as I alluded to, I was hooked.  A wealth of information, in the palm of my hand, via tweets from passionate educators from all around the world. Hence, the dilemma!  I was totally overwhelmed.  I was keen, eager and so, so curious.  How does one retain and organise all this information!  So.  I took some advice from a quote I enjoy by Maharaj Nisargadatta.

"to understand the currents of a river, (s)he who wishes to know the truth must enter the water."-

Where did I find this quote?  You will laugh. On a daily quotes and reflection calendar …in the toilet. OK. 
My Mum will have to take credit for that one. I still remember the quotes Mum had on the back of our toilet door as kids. One being “You cannot lead where you will not go and you cannot teach what you will not know.” (How apt!) 

I believe it is integral to actually complete issued assessments yourself so one can be prepared and understand the limitations and possibilities of the research and end product.  If I was to continue educating effectively and professionally in the 21st century learning environment, I felt I had to
“enter the water, to understand the current”. 
 Over the next few posts, I hope to share with you the start of my new journey towards 21st century learning (for both myself and those in my care!). However, as with most things, it is important to start small.
Take one step at a time.
Do something well. Be confident and then move on towards bigger, greater and increasingly exciting things!

My first step was joining Twitter.What was yours?
Step two , next post! 

Ps Maharaj Nisargadatta is a Hindu Guru whose main teaching/masterwork was based around the philosophical idea of “I am that”. It was a mantra. He felt the main question to ask yourself in life was
“Who am I”?

So, who am I?  A devoted and dedicated mother, wife, friend and an educator who strives to care, support, inspire and encourage others to continue their love of learning. 

Have an awesome week,

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