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2nd post: Twitter time flies when you are having fun.

Time flies photo by @7mrsjames

21st August 2011

Cliched but true. I am having a ball experimenting with the new tools that are overflowing on the net!
Here lies the trouble...there is just so much to absorb, process and trial. Luckily, I am part time this year as I still have a little tacker (Number 3, Mr 4) at home.  Therefore, I am able to explore a little more than if I was at work full time. Needless to say, much of my time online happens to be late at night, as my tweets show :) I enjoy it and for me, it is a form of leisure as well as business.  I wonder if those that are new to 21C elearning find "information overload" a reason for not pursuing their learning any further?

I cannot believe it has been almost 3 weeks since my last post. In that time, I remain active on Twitter.
For educators new to Twitter and not yet convinced of it's use or potential, hear are my views:

  1. Great source of information. Other educators willingly share what has worked for them and provide links to resources.
  2. Keeps you up to date with latest thoughts in Education (or whatever your passions are. I also gain great insight to the world of food and photography).
  3. Continual collaboration. Not just a Hub meeting or teach cluster meet once a term, but every day!
  4. Source of affirmation.
  5. Ability to bounce ideas of one another. What works? Is this a good app or tool?
  6. Providing learning experience for others.  Just this week @pvlies (whom I follow on twitter) asked if anyone had any contacts for a Skype opportunity with her SOR (Yr 11 Studies of Religion) class. A friend I know is able to skype @pvlies class about her Muslim faith in the next week or so. A rich and contemporary learning opportunity. 
  7. Quick human responses to a question "Do you prefer Macs, notebooks or other?"  or "What is the best Ipad app for art students"
  8. Twitter doesn't sleep!  When all us Aussies are heading for Slumber town, our colleagues oversees are reading our night time tweets :) 
If the prospect of joining Twitter doesn't sit comfortably with you as yet:

  1. Give it a whirl.  Try before you buy mentality. Just do it. Give it a try and be patient. Just click on this link to get started.  Click here to join Twitter.   OR....
  2. Ensure you join (or initiate) a proactive team at your school, in order to engage in continual dialogue and move forward. 21st century skills, is the current way of Education. We do need to keep up. Try Twitter again later. But do try!

I am not suggesting EVERYTHING needs to be focused on 21C elearning. Like most things, education requires a balance.  Technology does not equal good teaching. Technology is ONE method that educators can use to engage their students in effective learning.  Use of technology in 2011 does not mean using the laptop to record notes. 

When joining Twitter. Here a couple of musts in order for Twitter to work for you.  
  • After joining, ensure you fill in a brief background under your profile so people can decide whether they should follow you.  Usually people chose to follow another as their interests and values are similar. Here is mine. I did this on the day I joined and am yet to change it. It was my initial thought, in way of describing myself.
           Down under (location)
           Mother of 3 gorgeous kids, Love life, photography, food, eating, learning,discovering & people. 
           Facilitator of Food Technology, Religion and Drama studies.
  • Follow people! Just click on the FOLLOW button near their Twitter name.  Either search for people you know or use the suggestions Twitter provides (this is based on your profile background which is another reason to spend a few moments filling this in.)  See who others are following. Ask those you trust who might suit your interests. Once you follow people, their Tweets will appear under the Home (tweet feed) on the LHS screen for you to read. 
  • Lastly, Tweet!  Interact with people. Comment. Retweet. Provide opinions. Here is an excellent post about what to tweet by Michael Martine. It is well worth reading. What to tweet about?   
Follow Michael on Twitter @remarkablogger.
    Have an awesome week.  
    Jeannette James

    Please join in via a comment interaction. 
    Let everyone know what works for you. Any other ideas or thoughts?

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