Friday, 9 September 2011

5th Post: Overwhelmingly grand PD = Teachmeet!

Very quickly, as time is of the essence, I wanted to share with you one way to achieve tremendous
professional development.

I have attended two so far and am absorbing everything I learn, by putting ideas presented into action. Some ideas, such as QR codes I have been reading about for a while, however have not had the time to implement into the learning environment. At a teachmeet various tools and ideas are presented to engage YOU and YOUR students. This often prompts you into action! (Used QR codes in 3 classes today! Click here for more info on QR codes)  It is just so easy to get swept up in the enthusiasm that invades the room!  What teacher nerds we all are..and loving it!

My first Teachmeet was at NBCS (Northern Beaches Christian School). I had heard of this school, but was not prepared for the AWESOMENESS of their spaces and more importantly their best resource- the staff.  Meeting the likes of @Stephen_H@rethinklearn, @cwoldhuis, @misscmorrison and vibrant history educator @Poska (thanks for the personalised tour mate!) was fabulous. This guy was on fire-@Steve_Collis. The driving forces behind #tmsydney @mesterman and @henriettaMi were also present, with friendly colleague @ClareFroggatt.  We were able to watch @largerama present via a live feed from England-what a guy! I had the pleasure of finally meeting active tweeter friends @townesy77 (great source of support and fun) and @LiamDunphy-how brilliant!  Teacheat occurs after the presentations with like minded passionate educators-imagine the conversations!

Just this week, I attended my second TeachMeet city hosted fabulously at SHORE by the wonderfully inspiring @cpaterso. Here, I was joined by two colleagues @jason_p_r and @NLMascolo. I had the pleasure of meeting a co-drama twitterer @karlao_dtn and newly joined buddy on Edmodo @whartonag. I watched a crazy "everybody's shufflin" a pecha kucha by @malynmawby (and Megan aka @townesy.) A courageous preservice teacher @sarah_bowman also presented on her experiences on teacher collaboration- insightful!  There were about 8 presentations in all. Dinner conversation at teacheat was lively, informative and engaging with @mylescarrick, @EduSum, @cpaterso and @betchaboy and others.

Next week, I hope to make ceoteachmeet at Concord.  See QR code for more details.

BTW, here is the FREE app for qr-reader-for-iphone (generator and reader). I used qrstuff for a QR code generator (can use various colours too!) Kids downloaded onto iphones and andriod phones using tapmedia apps. Heaps of fun had by all :)

I truly hope you can make it to a teachmeet soon, especially if you haven't yet afforded the time to go.
If you have attended, please share your experience of a teachmeet below.  


  1. You write with such passion and enthusiasm. Who wouldn't be enthused to go to the next one after reading this???

    I wish we had more time to chat but hey, we've only just started.


  2. Thank you Malyn for taking the time to post a comment. You will be pleased to hear that I am replying via an iPad rather than iPhone :) You are right, we have only just started but feel like I have known you for longer. One more week until the spring two week holiday, where we can catch up again. Till then dear friend.