Sunday, 25 September 2011

Holidays. A time to refresh and recharge.

8th Post

Our holiday to Malaysia this time last year.
Kuala Lumpur, Cherating Beach and Kuantan.

Term 3, 2011 has been an amazing journey for me,  predominately due to Twitter and embracing all it has to offer. First and foremost, I have had the privilege of meeting dedicated and inspiring educators, especially when the opportunity arises to meet f2f (face to face). Throughout these interactions, I have learnt a tremendous amount about the generosity of educator spirit, 21st century learning tools and the need to keep your own learning rocking and rolling.  It truly is a breath of fresh air.

I enjoyed the opportunity of commenting on Australian performance pay for teachers in @danhaesler Sydney Morning Herald newspaper article. Click here to view article: Payment scheme draws doubt
and present at a teachmeet at St Ambrose primary school, Concord.

It was lovely to start the holidays on Friday night with a homemade Chicken Quiche Lorraine, garden salad and delicious glass(es) of white wine! Luckily this was consumed AFTER I had vacumed the pool. Then a nice rarity of falling asleep before 9pm, ensuing a 9 hour slumber.  Due to the change in season (and approaching day light saving here in Oz) Master 4 is rising earlier at 5:45-6:15am as the sun rises earlier. Otherwise, sleep may have lasted a little longer :)

Saturday morning, Miss 11 assisted @jenmlang and @LaurenForner with a university assignment on student motivation. How sweet of the girls to buy Jaz a gift of appreciation ...and a yummy teacake.
Jennifer is my brother in laws, sister. I had never met her friend @LaurenForner  however, it turns out, in lifes little surpirses, that she was lucky enough to work with @BiancaH80 during prac teaching this year.

In the afternoon, lovely @malynmawby invited me to a coffee, chat and craft afternoon. It was a relaxing yet productive afternoon. Malyn made light and delicious pistashio chocolate brownies. (Will ask if I can add recipe here!)  Last night we had our belated Friday fun night (every friday we have Family Friday Fun nights, where we watch a movie together and eat fun foods like pizza, pies, hot chips, ice creams etc). Today is lunch at my sister and brother in laws and a thai dinner with long time girlfriends (a monthly event).

Catching up with people has to be my most favourite aspect of the holidays.

BBQ.s, picnics, am/pm tea, movies.  Holidays are much needed, to take stock on life. 
Resorting, refiling, cathing up on marking, planning the next unit; gathering ideas and resources, programming.  Having the TIME to do this is in itself is a refreshing thought...oh, and sleeping in!

What are you doing these holidays?



  1. You're such a lovely and vibrant person; lucky to have you in my life!

    By all means, share the recipe - I got it off a packet of coconut flakes (McKenzie) though I've added some personal notes/tips in the copy I sent you.

    I love your 3Fs - we do the same on Fridays usually.

    Have a good break. I will - lots of family time and hopefully some blog-writing as well. I've really got to do a brain dump. :-)

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment Malyn. Enjoy time with your gorgeous family and your brain dump- very funny! Will post recipe soon- yummo. Thanks for super sharing ;)

  3. Ohhh how I love love LOVE holiday time... Son't get me wrong, I love teaching too, but by the end of the 10th week the kidlets and myself are well and truly ready for some time apart hahaha...
    I love lunching and sleeping in on my holidays and having some RhiRhi time... I finished a uni assignment that took 2 whole days, and was lucky enough today to get some designing done... Trying to get a business venture up and running in my 'spare' time... Check out my first commercial listing
    That brownie does sound awesome... I am hoping to do a bit of baking too... Ive got two cakes to make and thinking about making a Choc-Peanut Butter Pie...
    So Ive waffled on a bit hahaha... Love following you :-)

  4. Rhianna, I am so excited for you! Well done dudess!!! A great business adventure. I will forward this link onto to all my "cupcaking" and "mum-to-be" friends for sure.

    (Baby Elephant Shower- DIY Party Printables-a really lovely package at a reasonable price, me thinks)

    Also check out, this great posterous site set up my @malynmawby:

  5. Cooking posterous now changed to


    Set up by @karlao, inspired by a tweet conversation by @malynmawby, @laurenforner, @readwritelearn and @clarindabrown :)

    Credit where it is due-> great idea guys!

    Loving the ideas holiday time allows :))

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  7. Last comment was removed as I published too quickly. Spelling error :)

    That was a good break! Excited to go back to work as we head into term 4- we have a PD day tomorrow. Bliss, the whole day programming! Cannot wait to be productive and organise some projects for our learners!

    We had a lovely break in Canberra last week. Catching up with long time friends was a highlight, especially for my husband who has known our friends for 25 years. Spending time in another environment is always exciting for the kids. The War memorial really is something else! I hope everyone gets a change to visit. Amazing history. Nice to get away, although, there is no place like home....