Sunday, 18 December 2011

Live meeting: International #teachmeet webinar

18th December, 2011

Enhancing your own professional development 
via Global Collaboration.

                                       Amazing photo of  Guernsey, Channel Islands  by Kyle.wood


Last night on Twitter I stumbled across the  #itdi chat and was unsure what the acronym stood for so I asked... It stands for International teacher development institute. This caught my interest immediately.  I believe as educators, we are all responsible for our own learning and continuing to adapt our pedagogy to suit our students and to prepare them for THEIR future world, not ours. I believe schools must encourage a culture of educators supporting their own PD - more of "helping teachers help themselves".  As educators we are professionally responsible and morally bound to provide the best learning environment we can for our students.

Following the hashtag on twitter, I discovered it was the backchannel for a LIVE webinar that was currently concluding, however a new one for #teachmeet was about to start. I followed the links and tried to join the live meeting. This didn't work on my Mac, so I tried on my work HP probook and BINGO! I was able to install Microsoft Live meeting and join in!. Click here for more info.

This online LIVE meeting (webinar) was amazing!  I had the laptop open viewing the international presenters on screen and listening to their presentations (slides were also progressing in background- Click here for the teachmeet international wikispace ) and the Mac assisted my tweeting of the event on #teachmeet hashtag. Listening to the perspectives, insights and learning experiences from educators all around the world was very special. Here is a list of the presenters. They represented countries ranging from South Africa, Croatia, Greece, Indonesia, Switzerland, Wales, Belgium, Spain, England, Romania and India.
Cherry is an English teacher from India who was very helpful with the twitter backchannel.

Tweet doc of last night so you can have a squiz!   
Squiz is Australian slang for take a look/have a glance/be inquisitive.

Recently I was apart of the Connected classrooms #ccglobal Christmas-around-the-world initiative, where we sent QR codes (this is the generator I use)  to schools around the world sharing our countries Christmas traditions and experiences. Amazingly, one of the educators I had connected with last week Vicky Loras @vickyloras was also a presenter last night- truly a small world. So easy to connect these days which is the beauty of online learning. Link to our Glogster here and QR code below.


This is a terrific capture of the international teachmeet by Bart (see his contact below)

The event was hosted ever so well by Arjana Blazic from Croatia @abfromz and Bart Verswijvel @bartverswijvel from Belgium. Well done guys!

And another Slideshare overview by @sonjalr

Link to the International teachmeet wikispace with further handy links -> Click here.

Over and out. Keep smiling!
Jeannette James


  1. Dear Jeannette, I am so happy you stumbled upon #TeachMeet webinar, you sound so enthusiastic. Twitter is an amazing thing. I remeber this summer in June how I came across the wonderful world of #RSCON3 as well. I shared the same enthusiasm and was overwhemled by it. It's great you didn't have any problems installing Live Meeting, as it can be tricky sometimes. The world of PLN is very powerful indeed and I agree with everything you've just posted.

  2. Hi Marijana,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. I have embraced twitter due to the rich connectivity it provides to educators. The support of a PLN enables one support, ideas, resources and validation. I look forward to continuing our chats into the New Year.
    Cheers, Jeannette.

  3. Dear Jeannette
    It was sheer pleasure to meet a lively person like you and to be part of the enthusiasm that you'd generated. Joining us at that hour (it's past midnight for Jeannette, for those who don't know) was truly inspirational.
    Your brilliant Tweet Doc was something that I'd never heard of (of course till I saw it through yours)!!!
    I too subscribe to most of the views that you'd expressed through your post about CPD.
    Hope to connect with you more through more online events in the future.

  4. Thank you Cherry! What lovely things to say.
    I do believe in life, we benefit from what we put in and we all must make our world as positive as possible. I would really love our students to connect in 2012. Have a lovely week.
    Keeping the conversation alive,
    Jeannette James

  5. Hi Jeannette,
    I'm immensely grateful to you for being so kind to make this wonderful tweetdoc about TeachMeet. I couldn't have imagined that there would be so many #teachmeet tweets both during and after the event.

    I deeply appreciate your staying with us during the whole event, which was in the middle of the night in Australia. We'll do our best to make the next TeachMeet event more suitable for your time zone. It'd be great if you could join us :-)
    Thank you so much.
    all the best

  6. G'day Arjana,

    It is you, Bart, Sonia and the presenters that deserved to be thanked! I will remember the experience as one of the highlights of 2011. Thanks for all your kind words. So very pleased we are able to be connected via #teachmeet and the online live meeting. Looking forward to many more conversations in 2012.

    Kind regards,
    Jeannette James