Wednesday, 21 December 2011

My presentation at Abbotsleigh #teachmeet #tmsydney #tmxmas

Education as a gift.

This was my 7 minute presentation at Abbotsleigh Teachmeet #tmxmas in November 2011. The theme was a celebration of learning as a teachmeet Christmas. Therefore, I thought it would be nice to ask Santa to "skype" in- using imovie to capture his thoughts- this video format didn't work too well with Powerpoint presenting at a PC school. The presentation went well and everyone loved Santa and their gifts!  I wasn't able to upload to the #tmwikispace or slideshare as the file was so large - 250mb with pics and photos. I did convert the file to WMV to allow it to play on my PC laptop in the hope of a screencaputure, however it was still too big. Many hours and trialling different ways to bring this presentation together, I ended up with an "old fashioned" way to record using the video on my iphone just taping off the computer!  Funny I know..but at least that is a job done!  So, finally Malyn and Megan I can submit my presentation-phew!

Ps-> sound quality from Santa Skyping in a little poor so may need to listen carefully :) I am so glad it is completed!  MANY lessons learnt!

Keeping the conversation going,
Jeannette James


  1. Haha, cute stuff, Jeannette! Love it.

    1. Thanks Miles :) Had forgotten about this presentation. #loveteachmeets Thanks for allowing me to revisit it.
      I really appreciate your comment!