Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Twitter for Aussie Educators: 15 reasons why educators love Twitter.

Twitter has certainly given me an avenue to grow as an educator. There is no hiding I love it! What do I love about Twitter?
  1. Twitter is there, in the palm of my hand, on my phone, tablet and laptop. Accessible.
  2. Twitter IS accessible, 24/7. Yet, I can control when, how and for how long I access it.
  3. Tweeple (especially Twitter educators) are passionate, energetic, willing and helpful! You can call on your #pln (more on how to build your #pln and the advantages of a #pln here) for advice, queries, hints, tips and ideas.
  4. This extension of the "school staffroom" allows for greater voice and wisdom.
  5. Twitter provides "just in time help". 
  6. Twitter is inclusive.  It doesn't matter what sector you are from, what stage of your career, what level of responsibility (or not), retired, CEO, expert, specialist etc #weareallinthistogether
  7. Twitter allows you contact with the above!
  8. Twitter has allowed me some amazing opportunities! 
  9. Twitter has allowed me to connect with some of my best buddies. It has provided the conduit for networking and professional connections that have enriched my career. 
  10. Twitter allows you point of contact to collaborate with other educators, students and stakeholders.
  11. Twitter for me is a source of reflection and inspiration.
  12. Twitter can easily and rapidly share news, links, ideas and resources.
  13. Twitter puts me in contact with PD opportunities via links and hashtags (for example, following the backchannel of a conference I cannot attend)
  14. Twitter introduced to my other love: Teachmeets!
  15. Twitter = continuous learning and feeding the yearn to know more. What's not to love?
Last year, I gave a guest lecture on "Integrating technology into any classroom" at the Australian Catholic University, Strathfield campus. This included a section on the importance of Twitter for educators.  This is the Storify of the twitter chat that ensued: Twitter4me storify (twitter chat on the importance of Twitter)

Here are some resources you may find handy and/or like to share with those new to Twitter.

Jeannette James

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