Sunday, 1 December 2013

Teachmeet Australia

Heard about teachmeets, but unsure what they are?

Teachmeets are voluntary gatherings of dedicated teachers in order to support their own professional learning and that of their students. I first discovered the term "teachmeet" via Twitter in 2011 and immediately set out to try one.  

You can read my previous posts here (Overwhelmingly grand PD 2011), here (Hills inaugral Teachmeet at Oakhill College, October 2011), here (Teachmeet Sydney, please try it we don't want same), here (live meeting; international teachmeet 2011), here (International teachmeet presentation on Pearltrees), here (Handy resources for educators and social bookmarking 2012) here (Crestwood teachmeet and history of TM in Oz 2012), and here (Belief presentation TM Macquarie university; from prac to practioner) 

My first impressions? A warm and welcome bunch of educators who were energetic and driven to help others. This continued far beyond the time frame of the teachmeet session. Conversations carried onto the "teacheat" held after the teachmeet and connections were formed and maintained via twitter, blogs and future teachmeetups.

Teachmeets are attractive to many as:

  • the format is conducive to engaged learning.
  • presentations are short and snappy (2 mins or 7 minute "info snacks" that can be elaborated on via converations in breaks, teacheats and/or blog posts)
  • if a presentation is not to your personal liking, there is another topic presented in 2-7 minutes
  • the presentations are prepared and presented by actual teachers who are experiencing student learning now. They get it. They provide honest information on what works in their learning environment and what doesn't. Teachmeet are for teachers by teachers.
  • you can take away at least one idea to try in the learning space and adapt to suit you eg a primary teacher may present an idea that you can transfer to a secondary setting.
  • important networks are formed.
  • they are free.
  • they are open to all, preservice, new scheme teachers, experienced teachers, leadership, retired teachers.

What do read what other people think of Teachmeets?


More conferences are now holding teachmeets 

These are freely available during lunch, a workshop or after the conference day concludes( for non conference attendees as well as paying attendees) I assisted Al Upton host one during the EDTECHSA state conference: Connecting people-sharing learning in Adelaide (July 2013). Other conferences that have included Teachmeets in their program include (but are not limited to) ECAWA State conference 2013 Teachmeet breakfast and another I presented at The Kings School National Boys conference: Get involved. I applaud these conference in making learning accessible to all. PLANE (Pathways for Learning, Anytime, anywhere a Network for Educators) also held online teachmeets)

Teachmeet Macquarie University

More Universities and TAFES are now hosting teachmeets 

Clever leaders are replacing traditional staff meetings with the Teachmeet format. Love this!

How to find a Teachmeet near you?

Keeping the conversation flowing,
JJ @7mrsjames


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