Sunday, 1 February 2015

#28daysofwriting Blogging Challenge

Has it really been a whole year since I last blogged? This came to my attention after Phillip Cooke @sailpip  asked his #PLN for support around his aim to blog more regularly. What should I blog about? How often? What would be of interest to others? It was then I thought "I wonder when my last blog post was?" "Did I even blog last year?" (2014) Like others, I enjoy blogging.

  • It is a great capture. 
  • A resource to return to and share. 
  • A time to reflect personally and gain a pulse of others thoughts, ideas and opinions. 

I now find myself at 11:32pm writing my first post since 1st December 2013.
It is the first day of February and along with some buddies from Twitter, I have joined the 

#28daysofwriting blogging challenge 

set by @tombarrett. Read more about Tom's challenge here. Basically, to encourage regular blogging and if one is to accept the challenge. write for 28 minutes for 28 days (of February). Simple, right? Wwwweeelllll....! It is now 11:37pm and I am determined to meet the opportunities of the challenge and stick to 28 minutes. BUT, having not logged into my blog or written a blog post for over 13 months, I am a little rusty! 11:39pm.. Linking and uploading images takes time!

Like most things on Twitter, I came across the #28daysofwriting via Louisa  @LouisaJRennie and Jason @Borto74 Even though I follow Tom, I hadn't yet read his Tweets about the challenge. I immediately thought great idea! Exactly the discipline I need right now! Absolutely! Encourage me to get into the habit of blogging again! Gotta love Twitter! I was excited about this challenge!

As the quote above emphasises, challenge brings growth.  I am always up for a challenge. I do not shy away from the unknown. I embrace change. I am up for the challenge Mr Barrett. I Thank You for this refocus and excitement towards blogging once again. I kinda missed it!

Keeping the conversations flowing 

(11:51pm. Nothin' like some last minute blogging. Almost Midnight here #downunder on the very first day of the challenge. Think I should plan some #bloggingonthebus to work tomoz!)


  1. Good you join this challenge! Looking forward reading your future posts! X

  2. Thank you my beautiful friend Margo! I value and thank you for your support from across the seas!