Tuesday, 3 February 2015

My takeaways from today

A simple and snappy post today to ensure #worklifebalance is embraced. 

Call to mind "What's your WHY?" 

When we start a new role or meet new teams for the first time, people often ask What's your story? What was your previous role? How did you find your way here? It is good to stop and reflect upon this more often.

Passion and clear focus is infectious.

I meet some amazing people today! People who were people focused, clear in vision and innovative. People who don't accept the status quo. People who ensure effective change happens. People who build efficacy in others. Inspiring. This charges my batteries! Their passion and focus is infectious.

Share practice. Not only best practice. Just share. Keep talking. Keep sharing.

There are thousands of schools in Australia. Some we hear about often, others we never hear about. School leaders, staff and students experience a multitude of learning moments that we could all learn from. The norm for you, could be a breakthrough moment for others.

Knowledge is treasure. But practice is the key to it.

We can read, listen, think and build on knowledge for only so long. Action is key.

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Keeping the conversation flowing,
Jeannette James

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  1. Good to have your batteries charged by inspiring people! Enjoy the day! X